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15 November 32008 / Robin Wellner

Is there Soya in OpenLife?

I was browsing the Synaptic, when I saw the package python-soya, with a promising description:

Soya 3D is a high level 3D engine for Python. It relies on OpenGL and SDL. It is designed with games in mind, and written partly in Python and partly in C; the goal is to provide a full architecture for making free (GPL) games of professional quality entirely in Python.

That seems like just what I need for OpenLife! This means I might be able to do it all in Python, which is good, since I know more about (game) development in Python than in C++. It would also mean not having to make a bridge between C++ and Python. If it works, the OpenLife model might be changed in something like: Tasklets->Engine->Soya. Will this mean IrrLicht will be dumped? Stay tuned! (As if anyone actually reads this…)


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