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4 March 32009 / Robin Wellner

SpaceFlight2D Final

It will take a while before it will be ready, but I have been making plans for the SpaceFlight2D 1.0 (a.k.a. Final). The most important decision was, that I will delete the SF2D GitHub repository, and a new one will replace it. Sadly, that means the versions before 1.0 are no longer available via GitHub.

The main reason for this is a huge file I included somewhere in the repository, but don’t really need. So I deleted it. It still shows up in history, and makes up about 76% of my used GitHub space. That’s a lot for a file it doesn’t need and never did. I tried git filter-branch, but MINGW32 doesn’t seem to come with git-filter-branch.

So I booted Xubuntu, on which I do have a complete git installation. For some reason it wouldn’t work with the code. I suspect it might be problems with line endings. So I cloned the repository from GitHub. A repository of approximately 20 MB takes quite a while to download. After that, it still wouldn’t work. So when SF2D 1.0 is finally finished (if you think I’m looking too far ahead: I’m already thinking about how I would make SF2D 2.0) the old repository will be discarded.


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