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9 July 32009 / Robin Wellner

OpenLife Fail

Or rather: I fail.

Apparently, the name OpenLife is already in use. OpenLife Grid, as it is properly called, seems to be some sort of Second Life thingy, that has been around since 2008. I had never heard of it (which is not very surprising, since I never even came near Second Life.) The worst part is that I never even checked Wikipedia for the name. I have seen the name OpenLife before elsewhere, but that was a book. (And just found out it is also the name of a blog by a self-proclaimed “pretentious yet freethinking Danish lawyer”.)

My OpenLife isn’t really stable (conceptually) right now, so I’ll just let OpenLife silently fade away, while thinking of a new way to do it, and a new (and hopefully unique) name.



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  1. Henrik Ingo / Jul 9 2009 19:03

    Right. It’s not a coincidence I registered and not .com either.


    • gvx / Jul 9 2009 19:22

      Could you please elaborate? Because I don’t really know what you mean by that.

    • Henrik Ingo / Jul 9 2009 20:20

      Sorry, I was too terse.

      So I’m the author of the book you link to, which is on The reason for using that domain name is that is taken. But you’re right, it is not taken by Open Life The Game, so my message isn’t clear.

      Just wanted to leave a note since you mention my book, that’s all.

      Btw, I had many people coming to my blog who actually wanted to play the game. Turns out I was ahead on google if you search for “Open Life”, but now Open Life Grid is on top.

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