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17 October 32009 / Robin Wellner

Lua Text Adventures

I’ve made a small, flexible Lua library to write text adventures. Barely over two hundred lines of code, simply called adventure1. I’m writing a text adventure, OMFG, both name and story taken from my earlier OMG, a text adventure in Python. OMFG heavily makes use of the flexibility and customizability of adventure and Lua. You might want to try it out in “fancy mode” (although that might become the default mode before release). Its main feature is the blindness of the protagonist: because of that, you need to use trial and error, and rely heavily on the small clues you get.

1 Mostly because if you want to make a text adventure, you now have to require "adventure".

EDIT: I’ve put the library and a small demo up on GitHub. OMFG not yet, but that’s because it is still too horrible to reveal to the world.



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  1. qubodup / Dec 22 2009 1:59

    Soooooooooo… where is it?

    • gvx / Dec 22 2009 12:51

      I almost forgot about it… might be a good idea to get it up on GitHub…

      • qubodup / Dec 23 2009 0:31

        Yupp 🙂

  2. viondubding / Jan 4 2010 12:56

    Wow enjoyed reading your post. I submitted your feed to my reader!

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