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29 November 32009 / Robin Wellner

I like Xubuntu 9.10

More specifically, I like its default theme. Of course, I like the system as well, but 9.10 is the first Xubuntu of which I actually like the default theme.

Of course, I still had some improvements. I have listed some of them below.

I’m Font of DejaVu Condensed
Browsing the feature requests for Karmic that didn’t make it, I read a request for making DejaVu Sans Condensed the default system font, replacing DejaVu Sans. It was rejected because of the wide implications and because the Condensed variant doesn’t have as much Unicode characters available as the normal variant has. I tried it anyway, and it looked great.

Reshuffeling panel items
This one does not need any explanation. The thing I like most is the System Load Monitor. I can now instantly see why it is a bad idea to have Firefox with 10+ tabs open and OpenOffice playing with large documents at the same time for my near-fossilized laptop.

Terminally Cool
Changing the background of Terminal to the title bar color (#1E1E1E) was inspired by the fact that the default Albatross theme makes the menu bar the same color as the title bar. It was unconventional, but it looks really good once you get used to it. I went even further and made a small Markdown editor (mainly for translating Progit.) I will make the editor, called MEdit, available for download in a while. I just need to make it work on other machines, and make it read a config file in ~/.config/medit/meditrc and more things like that.


So I found out how to change the background color of Mousepad, short of hardcoding and recompiling it manually (which I failed, by the way — there is a reason I did MEdit in Python). A simple Google search taught me about GTK+ styling, and the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file. The Lauchpad project page for Mousepad also pointed to it’s predecessor, Leafpad. If you scroll all the way down on that last link, you’ll notice a FAQ. With one question. Exactly the right question: “How do I change background color?”. The answer contains a link. With an example. I could almost copy-paste it, and have the insanely awesome style I used for MEdit in Mousepad as well. A screenshot to prove it:

Of course, it has no Markdown-styling, and isn’t nifty enough for anything programming-related, but I’m glad Mousepad looks this nice now.

Now I just have to make XChat obey…



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  1. Bart Bes / Nov 29 2009 17:51

    If only you were to post a screenshot..

    • gvx / Nov 29 2009 17:56

      Ah, yes. That’s a good idea.

  2. Linus Sjögren / Nov 29 2009 19:07


  3. Bart Bes / Nov 29 2009 19:11

    It IS nice, and now I wonder, do you get any kind of performance out of something looking that good?

    • gvx / Nov 29 2009 19:32

      It’s not as bad of a performance hit as Firefox. 😉 And it’s still Xfce, so it’s pretty lightweight.

  4. knome / Nov 29 2009 20:56

    The Xubuntu theme actually did quite well in benchmarks comparing to other themes. It is really a light theme even if it looks good.

  5. vrkalak / Dec 17 2009 5:52

    I have, again, upgraded my Xubuntu to the new development version of Xubuntu Lucid 10.04 Alpha 1.

    Doing well, no problems . . . yet.


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