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4 December 32009 / Robin Wellner

More Xubuntu goodness: Midori

One of the programs in the excellent Xfce goodies collection, is Midori, a sleek, Xfce-style web browser. While it is tiny compared to Firefox, it is actually packed with nice features. It has tabs, extensions, a super cool location bar, a search bar, and more. Midori has most of the things that makes Firefox great.

I missed the bookmarks I’ve collected with Firefox over the years, though. However, importing them is a pain, because Firefox can only export to Netscape’s bookmark.html, and Midori only uses the XBEL format. And, instead of searching the web for solutions, I decided to, you’ve guessed it, make my own bookmarks.html-to-XBEL converter.

And I did write one, and ported all my bookmarks to Midori. I even managed to copy the folder structure. But I felt I wasn’t done. So I wrote some wrappers. One to modify Midori’s bookmarks.xbel file in place, to be able to retain any old Midori bookmarks. And a shell script to automatically pick the right files.

You can download a tarball with all three the scripts, once you’ve unpacked it, you can just double click or run ./ Be sure to have Midori installed and exported your bookmarks to a file. The script will first pop up a dialog asking whether to retain old Midori bookmarks, and then a file dialog, to browse for the bookmarks.html file.

Be warned, however. The shell script is not thoroughly tested. If you don’t want to take chances, and feel comfortable with the command line, you can use the Python scripts instead. They should work fine. But make a backup of the files involved just in case.

Before I forget:


I hereby waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights together with all associated claims and causes of action with respect to, and to the extent possible under the law.



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  1. robinzrants / Jan 3 2010 13:31

    I like Midori too! I use a hosts file to block ads (until there’s an ad-blocking extension available for Midori). It’s fast and sweet and has better rendering for me than Firefox did.

    Your invention is nice! Thanks for giving back to the awesome Linux community. Maybe someday I’ll have something to contribute as well (besides donations I mean).


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