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21 January 32010 / Robin Wellner

Updated userpage

Those of you who like GitHub userpages are in luck: yesterday I updated mine. I think it looks much better now. (If you want to see what has changed, just fork me.)

I also plan to make it even better, sometime soon, to make it completely replace my old website. I have become rather dissatisfied with

But your project listing! What will happen to that?
Well, most likely they will become part of the userpage, or maybe as a project page for that particular project.

I am still looking for a nice way to link to all project pages (some sort of “menu”, if you will), that doesn’t take away the current streamlined look. If you have a good solution, please comment, email or Tweet me.

I might put up a “silly ideas” page as well. I just want to find a good way to make it quick, so when I have a wacky idea, I don’t have to commit and push manually, because that would be the ideal excuse to keep the idea in my head. Maybe a cron job or something like that.



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  1. qubodup / Jan 21 2010 12:37

    Hm, you could have a default chronological listing of the projects and javascript links for sorting above them, which will sort/display them alphabetically, by category/topic, as same-size screenshots of each project (that link to the project) or a “detailed view” link which will turn the current inline list into a blocked list items list, that has category and date written behind the item names/links… This is a list of examples how not not do it probably..

    Slightly off-topic, but perhaps curious to you: One can bring together different projects that have automatic feeds using an aggregator like .

    • Robin Wellner / Jan 23 2010 13:55

      Perhaps… I am not great with Javascript (in fact, most of it on my userpage was just copy-pasted), but it is certainly interesting.

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