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23 March 32010 / Robin Wellner

What have I done? What have I done?

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I had to review Xubuntu 10.04. I needed to. I could just have tried it on my trusty laptop and be done with it. But not me.

Being a geek means leading a very wild life, especially with running new software on old machines (or the reverse, although decidedly less so). And you have to do at least one crazy thing. For me, this would be it.

So I took my old laptop, which has seen multiple serious hardware problems, including what I like to call The White Screen of Oblivion (something in the built-in display failed (aren’t laptops nice?)). On the rare occasions I use it, I have resorted to an (even older) CRT monitor for visual feedback.

Next, I popped the Xubuntu 10.04 Daily Build (because official betas are for wimps) LiveCD into the cupholder and started cruisin’ Xubuntu.

Or that was supposed to happen. Instead, I waited an eternity (multiple, actually — I wasn’t going to let one failed attempt crush my hopes) in front of beautiful ASCII art:

Ubuntu 10.04
 .  .  .  . 

(actual screenshot)

And after the boot screen, darkness. Everything was black. TTYs still worked, but it’s no fun reviewing those.

So therefore, I conclude: Xubuntu 10.04 sucks.

No, of course not. I will probably use my normal under-powered laptop to test Lucid when this insane mood has drifted away.

(This post is dedicated to Lisp. (Guess why.))


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