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4 April 32010 / Robin Wellner

Lubuntu makes everything go smooth

… or so I hope.

My crappy laptop is not powerful enough for plain old Ubuntu, and just powerful enough for Xubuntu. However, attempting to do heavy multitasking (like running Firefox and side-to-side), often causes painful use of the swap file. Using more lightweight applications is barely helping.

Because of that, I have been on a constant quest for a better operating system, never resting, never stopping. Well, OK, that’s not true. But I still found a very interesting project. Lubuntu.

What makes Lubuntu so interesting is that its memory-saving abilities exceed Xubuntu by far.

The only possible drawback of Lubuntu is that it is not as pretty as Xubuntu — not by a long shot. But that seems to be changing. At least, that was the way it was last month. And slightly awkward windows is a rather low price to pay for a much faster system.

Progress seems a bit ambiguous lately. On the one hand, both activity on launchpad and on meta-channels as blogs and IRC seems to be waning. On the other hand, lack of launchpad activity might be due to all those freezes in the release schedule for Lucid Lynx, and meta-channel silence to the proximity of release, causing everyone to direct their attention to development.

This means I’ll keep an eye open for Lubuntu. It also means that, at the end of this month, I’ll have a whole batch of operating systems to download and (possibly) install. What fun.


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