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29 April 32010 / Robin Wellner

Impeding Arrival of Lucid Lynx

Lucid Lynx will be released today, so let’s do a quick recap:

  • At first I liked Xubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
  • It proved Lucid was coming closer while I hadn’t even looked at it yet.
  • Then I discovered Xubuntu Lucid doesn’t really run on a very old (and mildly broken) computer
  • The next day I tried Lucid on my usual old computer, where it turned out to be disappointing.
  • Next, it seemed to be a gift from the heavens: Lubuntu (using LXDE) promised to be everything Xubuntu was, only better.
  • Today, all flavours of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx will be released, and I will be ready. I will try out Xubuntu and Lubuntu, see what pros and cons each of them has, and give my fair judgement.
  • Afterwards, we will feast on the spoils of war, because Lucid is an LTS release, which are meant to last.

UPDATE: unfortunately, I was not able to download (X|L)ubuntu today, so the review will have to way until tomorrow. This is a very bad day to lose your internet connection for half the day indeed.

UPDATE 2: I downloaded the Xubuntu ISO and burned it, but for some reason the LiveCD doesn’t work at all. This is a huge setback. I haven’t tried Lubuntu, as they haven’t released the “stable” version of Lucid yet. That is a good thing, because the maintainers don’t have to release a distribution that’s not really ready. If you have succeeded in installing Xubuntu Lucid Lynx, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, I will be waiting for the release of Lubuntu Lucid.

UPDATE 3: today, Lubuntu 10.04 was released. Unfortunately, it had the same problem as Xubuntu: it booted to a black screen. Before it switched to all black, I could see a message that it couldn’t find a user with UID 0 (which should be root). I couldn’t even reach another terminal, Raising Skinny Elephants didn’t work, I had to kill it by holding power-button. Needless to say, not being able to boot properly is a huge con for both Xubuntu and Lubuntu Lucid. I’m looking into a solution, will post when I find one.


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  1. Robin / Apr 30 2010 22:26

    Xubuntu Lucid (RC) was disappointing for me too. Karmic was sweet! But Lucid felt like “two steps back” after Karmic Xubuntu’s great forward step. It now includes PulseAudio (still troublesome as ever) and some other beta-quality stuff that Karmic had avoided before. Sound didn’t work. The new Thunderbird is a confusing mess that automatically created a dozen folders and began downloading my entire mail history from Gmail (including the trash – c’mon now, the freakin’ TRASH!?). I ended up, after failing to find a legacy Thunderbird in the repos, downloading the Seamonkey suite from Ubuntuzilla for the first time – sweet, fast, very much like my old favorite before they “improved” it.

    Karmic Xubuntu was a gem. Lucid Xubuntu – the RC anyway – was enough to make me think about Lubuntu as an alternative. But LXDE has always been buggy as heck on any ‘buntu (including minimal) I tried it on. I’ll wait awhile and read some reviews… in the meantime Crunchbang Statler is wonderful, as is Linux Mint 8 Xfce.

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