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31 July 32010 / Robin Wellner

Epic Firefox Theme for Xubuntu

I thought I’d share this:

Epic Firefox Theme

How I made Firefox do this, you ask? (Well, you didn’t. But that’s hardly the point here. I just want to show you how you can make Firefox look like this too.)

Step 1
Go to and select Wear this Persona. (Yes, I created it.)
Something went wrong with the submission, so the menu bar and similar are hardly readable. And the Persona site doesn’t seem to have a concept of “editing your previous submissions”, so it’s kind of stuck there. Which leads me to…

Step 2
Go to about:config and type usedThemes. One setting will appear. It’s a long JSON string, don’t get freaked out, okay? Now look for the part where it says "textcolor". After that, you’ll get the value "#1e1e1e". Change that bit to "#e1e1e1". You can change the value after that to "#1e1e1e", but that’s not really important.

Step 3
Still on about:config, change the value of browser.display.background_color to #1e1e1e and browser.display.foreground_color to #eeeeee.

Step 4
Put in your profile’s chrome directory, which is ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/cache.

Restart Firefox and you’re all set.

There is one as of yet unresolved issue I am aware of, namely writing a new email in GMail. I have to select black as the text colour, because it wouldn’t display right otherwise.

Have interesting Persona’s, userChrome.css files, feedback about mine or thrilling tales from the trenches? Please share!


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