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14 August 32010 / Robin Wellner

The Documenteers

Are you suddenly surrounded by programs whose documentation is unreadable gibberish?

Is the man page of FooQux short and readable, but nowhere gives any indication what --foobar actually does?

Was LVA version 2.0 released with docs that still document to the behaviour of 1.1?

Why, you might need the help of the documenteers!

What are the documenteers?
The documenteers are a group of people who write and improve documentation for computer programs and help improve user experience.

What do the documenteers do?

  1. Write and improve documentation and tutorials
  2. Translate interfaces where necessary
  3. In absolute emergencies, improve the UI

Please contact when in need of help. We might not take every job (for various reasons), but the only hard requirement for a project is that it is open source. This is because we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do anything with it.

Who are the documenteers?
Well, it’s currently just me. If you like to help, are a reasonably good writer, with an interest in technical subjects, preferably able to read source code, please send me an email or tweet or something.

What will that cost?
Currently, all documenteers are volunteers, so our help will be free as in beer. 😉

So why are you doing all this?
Because coders are often not very good at writing documentation, plus there are relatively few writers in the open-source community, and I believe that should be fixed.

Okay, this is mainly because I’m bored. Happy now?

The Documenteers have a website.


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