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29 August 32010 / Robin Wellner


More than a year ago, I was preparing SpaceFlight2D, already past the peak of its popularity, for version 1.0.

I never came that far. There were large problems, mostly with the way the storyline was implemented. In short, it was a mess.

By the time it all went wrong, I already found LÖVE. It didn’t take long before a plan was hatched to make a SF2D clone in LÖVE. I decided to name it Space.

While the beginning of Space felt like the early days of SF2D — fresh, simple and full of ideas — I went about it in a completely different way: instead of a single massive file of thousands of lines, Space consists of modules and states.

This time around, all graphics were vectors, in a format I developed myself, instead of the more complicated images being bitmaps and the simpler ones being in a vector format of which I only understood half. The ability to fly in different ships was built in from the beginning, plus Space was much more expandable than SF2D had ever been.

The story was also new: while SF2D had been about a small planet against a huge empire, Space’s diplomacy was much more complicated, having four empires, a rebellion for each empire and a monopolistic company.

The mess of the storyline was replaced with a non-linear, open-ended, mission-based and hyphen-separated story outline.

Some things from SF2D are still missing in Space, most notably combat, the damage system and fuel, but it’s coming along nicely.

Another new thing is the whole poll thing. I let everyone who want help in the decision process by voting for their favourite option, for example what part I should work on next.

For more, see its GitHub project and the bit about it on my ~/Hacking page.


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