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31 October 32010 / Robin Wellner

Kubuntu 10.10 is not quite the Anti-Christ

Shiny K

Look at that. So shiny, it can't possibly be the Anti-Christ! I'm appalled by the suggestion.

I really suck at good, original post titles, don’t I?

Anyway, since my last Kubuntu-related post, a lot of things happened. I finally did a full back-up of all my computer-related stuff and upgraded to Kubuntu 10.10 (also known as Maverick Meerkat), for example.

If you see a shiny link titled “More”, click it to read about my grudges against Kubuntu Lucid and how/if they are fixed in Meerkat.

The network manager

I’m still using Wicd, so no problems there. I have no idea whether the default Network Manager is fixed, though.

Konqueror / rekonq

Konquerer is gone now, of course, but its successor rekonq isn’t much better. So I’m still using Chromium and Firefox side-by-side.

The weather plasmoid

Not using it, not going to.

The µBlog plasmoid

This was fixed in Meerkat, but after trying it out for a few days, it turned out I prefer Twitter’s web interface.

The plasmoid API

Still complicated. If you recall, it took me days to write a simple DuckDuckGo widget. This might actually be interesting for a Documenteers project.

Kickstart menu / KRunner

As of now, I rarely use the Kickstart menu, which doesn’t seem to have been improved since Lucid. KRunner is also less prominent in my workflow, because I decided to add a top-panel with a Quicklaunch widget, containing links to some programs I frequently use. (Yes, it was inspired by the Dock in OS X, and yes, I know there are actual docks for Linux, but I didn’t want an actual dock, I just want some quick links to ~10 programs.)

Snow desktop effect

Haven’t tried it since. I don’t expect it to behave any different, though.

That I have to re-enable compositing on every boot

This seems to have been just me, having set a wrong setting. (The power manager can disable compositing to save battery, but it’s not a good idea to set that option for the Performance profile — the one that is enabled when the adapter is plugged in.)

Suspending to RAM and disk

Still don’t work for me, unfortunately.

KDE Wallet

Still obnoxious as ever, but I’ve come to terms with it, as I ofter just leave my laptop on now, which means it sometimes doesn’t ask for my password for days. And when I’m at the university, I simply don’t start Kopete. I don’t have wireless there anyway — there is a wlan, but many people (mostly those on Linux) have a hard time accessing it.


Indicator icons

The indicator icons were improved. Most notably, the default icons are monochrome, like their Ubuntu counterparts. Unfortunately, applications that are still convinced this is 2006 and they have every right to put an icon in the “system tray” are not enlightened, leaving a mixed experience. This is the same problem Ubuntu has, I believe.


What can I say? It’s getting better with every release. Not quite the Ant-Christ indeed. And you know what’s more? I already feel as at home using Kubuntu as I ever was using Xubuntu.


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