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28 January 32011 / Robin Wellner

The Power of LÖVE

If you’ve been reading my blog (and if you’re reading this, chances are you have), you’ll know how closely I’m involved with the world of LÖVE.

For those unaware, LÖVE is a game framework, aimed at rapid prototyping, extreme cross-platformness and unlimited awesomeness. It brings in a lot of people who never programmed before as well as professionals.

And recently, version 0.7.0 of it was released. It is the second major release since I joined the community, and while it manges to break almost nowhere in the API with the previous version, it has many, many improvements. Sound is much less problematic now, and we have frame buffers and threads at our disposal.

I won’t talk about the many fun and successful games made with it nor shall I spew more propaganda, aimed at bringing new souls to the friendly and fun-loving community.

Instead I will give a technical review of LÖVE 0.7.0.

The changelog containing changes from 0.6.2 to 0.70 lists:


  • Added love.thread.
  • Added love.font.
  • Added
  • Added Source:play, Source:pause, etc.
  • Added Source:isStatic().
  • Added get/setPosition, get/setVelocity, and get/setDirection to Source.
  • Added get/setGroupIndex to CircleShape and PolygonShape.
  • Added Font:getWrap.
  • Added identity field to love.conf.
  • Added love.quit callback.
  • Added love.focus callback.
  • Added extra meter parameter to love.physics.newWorld.
  • Added
  • —Snip

Truth be told, I have no idea what I should write here. I can only compare it to PyGame, wich is completely different. For example, PyGame expects you to take control of the main loop yourself, while LÖVE doesn’t (although you can if you want to, since 0.6.0).

Back to propaganda it is.

Aside from all the cool new things in 0.7.0 (you’ve seen some of them in the changelog), the next version will bring loads of candy. Video playback (Theora and/or WebM) is on the list, but it is hard to tell how close it really is, since it needs a back end and the good ones tend to be gigantic Eldritch abominations.

What more is there to say? I’ve mentioned that it makes making games and other programs ridiculously easy, haven’t I?

Thus ends this blog post on a rather uninspired note. How about this: when the time comes for version 1.0.0 to be released, I will cover it, properly. Until that time, this blog will feature mad ravings and whatnot, like it always has done.

You know it will anyway.



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  1. kikito / Jan 28 2011 21:32

    LÖVE is *unquestionably* awesome.


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